The primary programs of the Western Pacific Fellowship Project are fellowships aimed at building the next generation of Indo-Pacific expertise among civil servants in the United States, East Asia, and Southeast Asia. These fellowships are developed with the goal of building deep and enduring linkages between the democracies of the Indo-Pacific. Our primary focus is on the United States, Taiwan, Indonesia, mainland Southeast Asia, and Central Asia. Having long recognized the need to build a next generation of U.S. expertise on Asia, in 2019 the WPFP began actively building an innovative new fellowship program to send Americans to Taiwan and Southeast Asia.

Research & Analysis

The WPFP seeks to increase U.S. understanding of the nations, peoples, and political, economic, and strategic issues of the modern Indo-Pacific region through its research and analysis. The focus of this work is on the political-economy of East and Southeast Asia. WPFP essays, reports, and analytical products are distributed via this website and to subscribers.

Did you know…?

The poor quality of New England’s rocky soil pushed its people to the sea. Early New England mariners and merchants departed from ports including Salem, New Bedford, Marblehead, and Boston for Hawaii and Asia. Boston would emerge as young America’s first Pacific city.

1768 engraving by Paul Revere
Boston Public Library.