Transparency. Openness. Accountability.

The Western Pacific Fellowship Project was founded in 2019 to promote practical academic and professional training of civil servants across the Indo-Pacific. In the view of the WPFP, only by cultivating strong working relationships built on an understanding of shared concerns and trust can the nations and peoples of the Indo-Pacific build a region rooted in democratic values.

The WPFP is made up of a small group of individuals dedicated to building innovative new programs between the United States and Asia. The WPFP was founded and is led by prominent experts in U.S.-Asia relations drawn from the academic, legal, diplomatic, nonprofit, and public sectors.

The Western Pacific Fellowship Project is headquartered in New England, and its work draws inspiration from that region’s history of engagement with the Indo-Pacific through maritime exploration, commerce, education, and diplomacy. The WPFP is based in the Mystic River valley north of Boston, the point from which hundreds of clipper ships were launched on voyages to the western Pacific. The Western Pacific Fellowship Project currently is funded entirely by private contributions and is independent and politically non-affiliated. The Western Pacific Fellowship Project is an IRS 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Did you know…?

The American Clipper Eagle Wing was built in Medford, Massachusetts in 1853, just a few miles from the WPFP office. Here Eagle Wing is depicted in Hong Kong with the settlement and mountains of mid-nineteenth century Hong Kong Island in the background.

Clipper Eagle Wing off Hong Kong